"We never learned why it happened. All we had were cells under a microscope. The Y chromosome just... shrank, and we couldn't do anything about it. The question is no longer about finding the reason. If we want to survive, we HAVE TO keep them securely under our control."

Antigona Tirana, founder of the Self-Preservation League, 2098


Something changed in the early years of 2030. For some reason a lot less boys were born that year, and scientists were baffled - the Y chromosome, responsible for becoming a male, shrunk significantly, making boys a lot more difficult to conceive. At first, it was taken in stride. Then, in nervous reassurances. Social changes. Government responses. Industries rising and falling. Extreme government responses.

After a chaotic 150 years... it seems the world has given up and chases what remains of pleasure there are... violent or not. Not all hope is lost, however, for a boy, locked in a shelter until he was an adult, is about to make his first steps into the world...


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  • Sizzling Shelter Survivors Over 60 hot, sexy women, each one unique and fully fleshed out, can join you in your mission!

  • Extensive Story The tale of your rediscovery, rise to leadership and being the last true bastion of good in a world filled with violence and debauchery!

  • Carve Out, Build, Upgrade Your shelter needs to expand to take in as many as you can, after all!

Campfire girls

sexi girl


As one of the very last males in a world gripped by chaos, you take it upon yourself to rebuild society in an abandoned shelter, deep in the forest mountains, hidden away from sight for hundreds of years. Build up your Shelter, give safety, comfort and pleasure to women escaping from cruel reality, defend yourself and expand your influence!

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